How To Use The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator from Calexotics

Cat and butterflies

Many people hear of a Butterfly Kiss Vibrator and wonder what exactly it is and why it is different than other women’s sex toys.

The Original Butterfly Kiss Vibrator from Calexotics is unique in that instead of just focusing separately on penetration, or clitoris stimulation or the g-spot, this ergonomic and easy to use vibrator aims for the entire vaginal erogenous zone simultaneously.

The Butterfly Kiss is delicate and compact, with three inches of insertable length and slightly curved for even better reach, which means that you can slip this vibrator inside the vagina and maneuver the butterfly snugly outside on your vulva. It is very comfortable and intuitive. Plus, the g-spot stimulating head of this vibrator is designed to fit directly across the contours of the g-spot, so while you are stimulating your clitoris and other erogenous zones, you are also rocking your g-pot. This combination will provide the perfect catalyst for an explosive orgasm. Continue reading