Of Penises and Stitches, Butcher It and You’ll Lose It

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Or Penises and Scalpels. Butcher it and you’ll lose it. Hey men, in the bigger scheme of things size doesn’t matter that much. In today’s changed world (since February 2020), you have many more important things to worry about than obsessing over something that your genetics determined. You can’t change it. You can’t just electively make it bigger, thicker or prettier. Your penis is completely normal in length.

Whatever your reasoning is that brought you to seriously consider elective penis enlargement surgery, don’t visit the urologist or plastic surgeon first, your first opinion should be with a good mental health professional. If you still need a second opinion, make another appointment, but again, with yet a different mental health professional.

There are many serious studies in medical journals that confirm that most of the about 2 dozen surgical and non-surgical penis enhancement procedures are ineffective and risky, promoted and performed by unethical quacks that prey on insecurities that only exist in your own mind.

It’s highly likely that you will end up physically and mentally damaged. Overall treatment outcomes are poor, with low satisfaction rates and significant risk of major complications, including penile deformity, shortening (the opposite of what most men want), scarring, erectile dysfunction and death. Most of this procedures should be considered unethical. Almost nothing really justifies elective phallus work on most men.

There is however a less radical way to play and experiment safely while having healthy fun with your partner. Penis extensions and enhancer sleeves are a very popular and beloved sex toy. Let’s take a look.

Penis Sleeves

A penis sleeve or sheath is soft and elastic and simply slips over the erect penis slightly increasing length and girth. They can be smooth or textured with soft ridges or bumps providing enjoyment for both partners, like this OptiMale UltraSkin Penis Extender with Ball Strap. They can be clear in color or with more realistic feel materials, veiny and in different skin color tones. Some penis sleeves have a small vibrator on the base for clitoris stimulation and a soft scrotum strap that helps delay ejaculation and to keep the sleeve stable in place.

Penis Extensions

Penis extensions can increase girth and length, some of them to considerable sizes. These sexual aids are designed with a great selection of realistic textures and many are visually enticing. They are also designed with various use cases in mind; some are designed for erect penises and some are designed for flaccid penises aiding men that suffer ED or half way erection letdowns. In this case they have a semi-rigid or rigid shaft that is covered with soft silicone material like this Fantasy X-tensions Collection. The penis is inserted, regardless of if it’s flaccid, erect or semi-erect and the rigid shaft will aid in performing the penetration. Some extenders are open-ended to keep the sensitive tip of the penis exposed while still adding girth to the shaft.

Both penis sleeves and penis extensions are made of either soft rubber, latex, or silicone. Silicone is the recommended material since it’s body-safe, silky-soft, non-porous and hygienic. And it also very durable. Remember to always use a quality water-based personal lubricant with your sex toys. Lube increases sensation and extends the life of your precious sex aids.

No matter what kind of penis sleeve w(h)ets your whistle, they all do one main thing, penis sleeves slide over the penis and are used as a penetrative sex toy, enhance pleasure and satisfaction for both partners.

Happy Pleasure!