Masturbators Rising!

Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator

In its most basic form, a masturbator is designed to combine fantasy, escape, imagination and the sensation of touch via a soft, pliable sleeve that a penis can be inserted into and stroked with. Most often designed as replicas of vulvas, as well as other orifices, masturbator designs have evolved to feature textured insides that are often artfully designed to be visually and touch exciting.

The gawky replica of a human body part made of dubious materials has long since been superseded by functional, safe and well-designed self-care items that are ergonomic and easy to hold. Some even look like a non-sexual shape futuristic space vessel, and many are designed to be durable, reusable, easy to clean, dry and store discreetly. They are less intimidating and more accessible — a huge benefit for those who have never tried, or are reluctant to use self-pleasure items. Discretion has been a continued advancement. Many strokers today can be hidden in the shower and are made to be mistaken for household items like a shampoo bottle, just in case someone was to come across it in passing.

The stigma surrounding masturbation continues to play a role in how pleasure products are designed and marketed. Sex education is the ultimate tool. One of our major goals here at is to eliminate the shame of masturbation products and sex in general by promoting the message of sex positivity on every product we sell. Although positive attitudes and social acceptance of sexuality and sex toys have been growing, masturbation remains a big taboo topic for many people. As such, trying out sex toys, let alone powered ones, still seems to be a big deal for many.

Most men are more likely to start with a manual stroker and progress to a powered or vibrating option. Manual strokers will get the job done, but automated toys have introduced consumers to innovative, ultra-realistic experiences through Bluetooth connectivity and immersive VR, and have made pleasure more accessible. On the other hand, traditional non-powered strokers are often more affordable and discreet, and their use may come more natural for some.

Manual solo stimulation without a toy is perhaps the most familiar to those with a penis. The hand, of course, has an ability to stimulate in a variety of ways including bilateral friction, long strokes, and squeezing, just to name a few.

In addition to introducing users to new ways to explore solo stimulation, automated masturbators can also be especially useful for those that struggle with manual stimulation, those with disabilities or other physical issues. It is worth noting that sex-tech will have the capacity to make masturbation more comfortable and accessible for people who struggled to do so before. For example, many men suffer from hand limitations relating to arthritis or long-term disability. Kiiroo’s automated products like the Keon can help relieve the pressure of a hand limitation during masturbation by automating the movements for the user.

Technology will accelerate the progression of male masturbation, male wellness, and male sexuality. Considering sexuality is already taboo in society, and some people who identify as men do not currently have a safe space or diverse conversation around sex toys, it is great that we are bringing this subject to the surface. Male sex-tech is about bringing male sex toys out of the closet or basement and into the mainstream. We need to start speaking about male sex toys more! If we continue to discuss the use of male sex toys in sex-positive contexts, then we will be able to learn more about the male body and pleasure. This can only be a good thing.”

Male sex toys have become more mainstream not just through advanced technology but also due to less raunchy marketing. The ‘de-pornification’ of male sex toy brands is helping a lot to facilitate appearances on popular websites. Plus, tt’s not about straight or gay, it’s about satisfaction. Many couples are now using male toys together, whereas before it may have been just be a guy using it by himself.

Satisfyer is aiming to give men different experiences with versatile designs like the Satisfyer Men Wand, which can even be used during fellatio to provide vibration to the shaft of the penis. It can also be used on other parts of the body like the perineal area or scrotum.

In todays day and age, with health and social ills rampant, and the mounting growing stress of daily life, it is a must for a man to be able to safely relief some of that tension with a pleasure accessory that can be realistic or non gender, manual or automated, there are plenty of options and more innovation coming to market every week.