Sex Toys For Penis Owners

sex toys for penis owners

Sex toys made for penises are more popular than ever; over the last decade, there’s been a surge in demand for pleasure products made specifically for penises and now there are countless styles, shapes, and designs to choose from. Whether for use solo or with a partner, these sex toys amplify the experience by incorporating new sensations, high-tech functions, and huge amounts of fun.

Cock Rings / Vibrating Rings

Cock rings come in a wide array of materials, like plastic, silicone, metal, and leather just to name a few. They can be worn at the base of the body around the shaft of the penis or around the shaft and testicles, depending on the desired level of constriction and sensation. The primary purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow to and from the penis, which can intensity the appearance of an erection and, for some, help erections last longer. Some people also report experiencing more powerful orgasms while wearing cock rings. Many cock rings feature a mini vibrator on the top or bottom, which amplify sensations for the wearer and also can pleasure their partner at the same time. Some people wear non-vibrating cock rings underneath clothing while flaccid in order to boost their “bulge” in their pants.

Non-vibrating cock rings

  • Adjustable – Adjustable rings are an ideal choice for beginners because they offer flexibility – in more ways than one. They’re easier to put on (simply stretch wide or tighten using snaps or a lasso-like loop), offer a different levels of constriction, and they can be removed quickly if the sensation becomes too intense. They’re also versatile in that these styles can be worn at the base of the penis or behind the testicles, and there are many styles with more beginner-friendly price points, which makes them ideal for practice.
  • Non-Adjustable – Cock rings made of firm materials that offer little or no flexibility, which means they are typically reserved for more advanced users who have experimented with rings before and are familiar with how to put them on and take them off – especially when the experience gets intense. Non-adjustable rings are usually worn behind the testicles and come in multiple sizes, depending on the desired sensation, and it’s essential to use the correct size to help prevent injury. Most brands offer a size chart and instructions to help people measure themselves correctly and pick the right option. Metal or steel rings are not recommended for beginners.

Penis Pumps

These are devices that employ vacuum and/or suction to draw additional blood flow to the penis, resulting in the appearance of a larger-than-usual erection. Penis Pumps can be used to assist with erectile dysfunction and also can be used to increase sensitivity. Ranging in size, style, and method of suction, penis pumps can be battery-powered for automatic suction or hand-operated via a pump, and some have added functionality like vibration. Using pumps can temporarily enlarge the penis by length and girth. This enlarged effect can be maintained during intercourse by putting on a cock ring prior to pumping and wearing it during play.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside the anus on the anterior wall (towards the belly) of the rectum. Also known as the P-spot, this gland can feel highly pleasurable when stimulated using a finger or a sex toy, though it’s not for everyone. Prostate massage can be an important part of maintaining a healthy prostate too, so for those who enjoy it, using prostate massagers is not only erotic but also good for you! Some people can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone (resulting in the possibility of multiple orgasms), which is a great option for those experiencing erectile
dysfunction or erection loss. Powerful orgasms with no erection required! Prostate massagers can come in many configurations and sizes are subjective to each person’s preference. As with most insertables, smaller is typically better for beginners. Some massagers are shaped to stimulate the prostate by using the body’s natural contractions while others feature vibrating motors for added intensity. Most feature some kind of curve to more easily access the prostate when using the product solo. As with any toy that goes in the butt, non-porous sterilizable materials like silicone are ideal and they MUST have a flared base to prevent it from entering the rectum too far.


Strokers and masturbation sleeves are typically soft, squishy tubes made to pleasure penises by emulating the sensation of being inside of a mouth, anus or vagina. Some have openings that are molded in the shape of a body part while others are nondescript openings, and others are encased in a hard plastic shell that makes them a little easier to hold and, in some cases, are specially shaped for discreet storage. The most common stroker materials are elastomers like TPE or rubbers like TPR, as they are softer and squishier than silicones and more affordable, and they are popular for their supple feel and ability to be molded in a variety of shapes and textures. Some strokers and sleeves come with higher-tech features like vibration or automatic motion while others are simple and single-use disposables. Regardless of the style, strokers and masturbators are meant to be used with copious amounts of lubricant in order to maintain a smooth glide. Some shorter open-ended masturbation sleeves can be used during oral sex to simulate deep-throating or worn around the base of the penis during intercourse as a bumper to reduce the depth of penetration.


Vibrators aren’t just for clitorises! These sex toys can be used to pleasure the glans, shaft, testicles and any external part of the body that feels good! Standard vibrators, though often marketed toward women and people with clitorises, are not actually genital or gender specific. Bullets, eggs, wands, and more are all versatile in their ability to pinpoint pleasure. Whether in combination with a stroker or sleeve, or alone for targeted intensity, vibrators offer an experience like no other. Vibrators are “handy” toys!

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos