How To Use The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator from Calexotics

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Many people hear of a Butterfly Kiss Vibrator and wonder what exactly it is and why it is different than other women’s sex toys.

The Original Butterfly Kiss Vibrator from Calexotics is unique in that instead of just focusing separately on penetration, or clitoris stimulation or the g-spot, this ergonomic and easy to use vibrator aims for the entire vaginal erogenous zone simultaneously.

The Butterfly Kiss is delicate and compact, with three inches of insertable length and slightly curved for even better reach, which means that you can slip this vibrator inside the vagina and maneuver the butterfly snugly outside on your vulva. It is very comfortable and intuitive. Plus, the g-spot stimulating head of this vibrator is designed to fit directly across the contours of the g-spot, so while you are stimulating your clitoris and other erogenous zones, you are also rocking your g-pot. This combination will provide the perfect catalyst for an explosive orgasm. Continue reading

About Glass Toys, Everything You Need To Know

Glass Toys

The Benefits of Glass Dildos

When you see a glass dildo, you just can’t help but pick it up. Its weighty feel, gleaming clear shape and smooth, cool feel against your skin … they are simply irresistible. Glass dildos can also be made into an array of artistic designs with stimulating nubs, swirls, double-ended styles and more. The benefits of glass dildos are vast — but yet, a lot of people still don’t know that much about them.

The benefits of glass dildos go beyond aesthetic. In addition to looking beautiful, they can also be incredibly functional. Glass dildos can be shaped into the perfect G-spot massager or into different, exciting designs for anal play.

For all of these fun sexual activities, it’s important to play safe — which leads us to one of the most important benefits of glass toys: glass is extremely hygienic. You won’t have to worry about bacteria sneaking into any crevices of a glass toy because it is nonporous. And that’s just the beginning of the many benefits of glass dildos…

When approaching a new sex toy or sexual experience, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into; this guide will point you in the right direction towards intimate satisfaction, as well as give you some additional fun tidbits along the way.

How glass toys were invented

All through history, people have been exploring their sexual pleasure  — and this includes with use of objects (aka sex toys). There are historical accounts that suggest that glass dildos, which were hand-blown and hollow, were filled with warm water and used by Italian nuns in the 17th or 18th century — according to writings by playwrights at the time.

In 1893, a German chemist named Otto Schott invented pyrex glass — which today is widely used to make glass dildos. Similar to the Pyrex glass test tubes used in chemistry experience, Pyrexing borosilicate glass dildos ensures that they remain solid while they’re inside your warm body, and it makes it possible to use them for temperature play.

The safety of glass dildos

A lot of people often question the safety of glass toys, imagining the toy shattering inside of you or hurting you in some way. That misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most glass toys are made from borosilicate glass, which is engineered to resist all kinds of thermal and chemical conditions.

Nevertheless, it is possible for glass to break if you drop it. If you notice any cracks or stresses, immediately stop using that glass dildo. It’s recommended that you not even take any chances with a glass dildo that has been dropped — even if there aren’t any noticeable cracks or damage.

As mentioned above, glass toys will never break while in (proper) use, and they also promote safety in other ways, such as by being hypoallergenic and highly hygienic.

Glass dildos can be cleaned using soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. They are also dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

How to use glass sex dildos

Glass pleasure products are available in a vast array of styles, including designs for internal stimulation, such as vaginal, G-spot or the anus. There are also designs that can be used for external stimulation of the clitoris, the perineum and all over the body.

No matter where your pleasure lies, the fun starts by properly lubricating the dildo — particularly if you’re going to be using it for internal stimulation. Because glass toys are nonporous, they are also compatible with any type of lubricant, so you can experiment with them all until you find one that gives you the experience that you desire.

To start playing with your glass dildo, you might try using the tip of the toy to start off with external stimulation on the clit or the perineum if you have a penis, or start by massaging the outer rim of the anus. Then, if you’re looking to explore the pleasure of internal stimulation, you can insert the toy into your vagina — or into the anus.

For anal play, glass dildos such as those from the Glas collection, have an easy-to-grip handle, and there is also a selection of glass anal toys and plugs with retrieval loops for easy removal. Also when exploring anal play, it is recommended that you use silicone-based lube so that its thick texture adds extra comfort for penetrating the backdoor.

How to experiment with temperature play

Glass dildos can be easily heated using hot water, or cooled by putting them in a fridge or on ice for a while. Temperature play stimulates the skin with the sensation of heat or cold while its smooth and slick texture glides across the skin for a truly unique experience.

There is much fun to be had with glass pleasure products and the benefits of glass dildos truly run the gamut from the way they feel to the touch, to how they’ll make you feel, plus the added benefits of being hygiene and body-safe are the icing on the cake.

Written by Louie A. Ramos

Anal Sex Do’s and Dont’s: A Complete Guide for Beginners

blog: anal sex do's and dont's

When done correctly, anal sex can be incredibly pleasurable for many people. If this is your first time being on the giving or receiving end of anal sex, here are some practical tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience!

Lubricate! (Saliva doesn’t count!)

Lubricant is ESSENTIAL for safe and pleasurable anal sex. The anus is not a self-lubricating orifice (unlike the vagina) so use lube and keep the bottle nearby. You can’t use too much! The skin on and around the anus is delicate and very thin, which means it’s easy to scratch and tear, and lubricant helps assure a smooth glide while preventing friction and chafing.

  • Some lubricants marketed for anal sex have a desensitizing ingredient, meant to minimize discomfort during anal sex, but these kinds of products aren’t recommended for most people. Anal sex is not supposed to hurt and the sensation of pain or discomfort helps you know when to slow down or stop completely.
  • Silicone lubricant is popular for anal sex because it’s smooth and silky and doesn’t require lots of reapplication. If the thin viscosity of silicone doesn’t feel like enough cushion, however, there are thicker formulas (usually either water-based gel or a water/silicone hybrid) that might be better options – though they will likely require reapplication.!
  • When in doubt, especially when using with silicone sex toys or condoms, thicker water-based or hybrid formulas are a great go-to since they’re compatible with all materials and they typically feature bum-friendly ingredients!


Anal play takes some prep, especially on the receiving end, so it’s essential not only to be ready physically but also mentally – take time to build arousal before inserting anything inside.

  • It’s ideal to start small when exploring anal play – that means easing your way toward insertion. Analingus (rimming) or massaging the outside of the anus (using lubricant) is a great way to start, and when you feel ready, insert a finger first to practice receiving something inside. Latex or nitrile gloves are a great way to do this – protects fingernails and cuticles from coming in contact with sensitive skin and body fluids, plus makes clean-up a breeze! Or you can opt for a small butt plug approximately the size of a finger.
  • Some people prefer to cleanse their rectums before putting anything inside. Consider a laxative-free method, like a store-bought enema, or a reusable enema bulb you can fill with warm water. There also are special shower adaptors you can purchase to make backdoor cleansing quick and easy.
  • For anal fans of all experience levels, it’s essential to prep the anus with something small before inserting something larger, like a toy or penis. Insert a finger or an anal plug to warm up and get in the mood during foreplay – this will help stretch and relax the anus in anticipation of something larger coming along.


The anus is a tight muscular sphincter that is not accustomed to stretching wide for long periods of time, so it’s essential for the anus (and the rest of the body) to be physically relaxed before penetration. This means spending time to arouse the body and get circulation flowing, as well as listening to your body.

  • Anal sex is meant to feel fun and pleasurable, so pay attention if your body tenses up or feels burning or stinging sensations – that’s your cue to take a break and check in to see if you need more lube, slower movement, or to stop completely and move on to something else.
  • Remember to breathe! This not only helps relax the mind and body, it also helps enhance sensation. Try deep inhales through the nose and steady exhales through the mouth – if you’re holding your breath (unintentionally) it might be a sign you’re not quite relaxed just yet.
  • If it’s an option, try having an orgasm before anal – it’ll flood your brain with happy-feeling hormones and help put your body in an incredibly relaxed state.


Engaging in active communication is the key to having a fun and highly desirable anal experience. Whether you’re guiding your partner or listening for their direction, staying aware and engaged with each other will make all the difference. Find your voice and feel the comfort of knowing there’s safety through communicating your needs and wants.

  • It’s natural to feel nervous when trying something new – especially something involving your butt! – so take the pressure off and feel your feelings. This is a great opportunity to talk to your partner about what’s coming up so you’re both on the same page.
  • When you’re on the receiving end, you are in control of speed, pressure, depth, and sensation, and if something doesn’t feel right, speak up. Your partner won’t know how it feels for you unless you say something – they want you to have a good experience just as much as you want that for them!
  • When you’re on the giving end, it’s important to check in with your partner. Should we speed up? Should we slow down? All these questions can easily be addressed with active communication, and it’s not all up to your partner to do the talking!
  • Remember: If it hurts too much, you’re doing it wrong.

Go Solo!

If you’re new to anal and feeling hesitant, try introducing it during masturbation! Start by exploring how it feels to have a finger near (not in!) the anus while playing with yourself. If it feels right, press on the anus and see how it reacts – you might find your butt open up a little, which is a sign it’s feeling ready for something inside.

  • Using lube, explore how it feels to have different size fingers in your butt. Start with the pinky and work your way up to your thumb. This is a great way to explore penetration without a partner and without needing to purchase a sex toy.
  • Once you feel comfortable with fingers, it might be a good idea to invest in a butt plug – some are available in multi-size kits to help you train up to a larger size. The bonus is you can use these with a partner once you feel ready. These sex toys are not just for solo fun!

Post-Anal Clean Up

We hear a lot about anal prep but not as much about post-anal processes, so here are some tips for after-anal fun

  • It’s normal for there to be body fluids (yes, including poop) outside the anus and on whatever was inserted into it, but keep in mind that butt bacteria doesn’t belong anywhere other than the butt – so sterilize any sex toys used, throw away any condoms or gloves, and do your best not to let contaminated objects or body parts come in contact with other surfaces (or orifices).
  • Be gentle! The rectal (and surrounding) muscles can be sore after play and it’s not uncommon for there to be micro-tears on the delicate skin. Wash the area with a gentle soap and warm water and avoid scrubbing – it’ll just irritate the area even more.
  • Some people like using moist towelettes or baby wipes for quick-and-easy wiping of lube residue or body fluids, but remember that these are not sterilizing tools and should not be reused once they’ve come in contact with the anus. And they don’t take the place of a shower or sterilizing a sex toy. If you’re experiencing some discomfort around the anus, try using medicated wipes made for hemorrhoids to soothe the area.
  • It’s also common to have a buildup of air in the rectum after deep penetration, so don’t stress if you find yourself feeling a little gassy. Don’t hold it in – let the air release on its own to reduce discomfort.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of damage or distress to the anus. A little bleeding is not uncommon after deep or prolonged penetration (there are lots of little capillaries close to the surface of the skin, so even little cuts or nicks can bleed). This kind of bleeding is minimal and stops quickly, so if you notice a lot of blood or that the bleeding persists, you may want to contact a health care provider for support. Comfort and safety should always be at the forefront of your anal exploration. Keep an open mind, prepare yourself, remember to relax, and most importantly enjoy yourself!

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie

The Deal with The Dildos… or is it Dongs?

deal with dildos

So “What exactly is a dildo”? There are so many kinds of dildos and it can be easy to be swept away and overwhelmed by the selection. The word is often used as a universal term for all kinds of sex toys, which can be confusing.

Simply put, a dildo is an elongated often phallic-shaped toy, usually with a base, and is intended for sexual penetration, solo or with a partner. Dildos come in vibrating or non-vibrating forms and are usually used for vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. Some dildos are made specifically for use with strap-on harnesses and others are soft and used for packing, which involves wearing the dildo inside of one’s pants or underwear to emulate the appearance of having a “bulge.”

The most common materials used for insertable dildos are: silicone, elastomers (like TPE), stainless steel, polished stone, glass, and semi-soft rubbers (like TPR) and plastics. Non-porous materials (platinum silicone, glass, stainless steel) are best suited for anal insertion and toys that are shared between partners and/or orifices, because the material is easier to sterilize and is less likely to hold onto infectious germs and bacteria.

Other materials that are being phased out and are no longer made by quality sex toy manufactures are PVC and jelly-rubber. Although these products are advertised at attractive prices, you should spend a few more dollars to get a quality sex toy. The reason is, these materials are problematic because they contain unsafe phthalates, industrial softeners added to many plastics that are also found in some jewelry, food containers, and other soft rubber toys. Phthalates are linked to health problems such as cancer and prenatal defects. Products made of PVC or jelly rubber cannot be sterilized. It is highly advisable using condoms with these types of toys. At AlgoSexy we highly recommend staying away from PVC or Jelly toys.

Selecting a dildo can be an extremely personal experience, and everyone’s needs and desires vary. Toys made of TPR, TPE or similar porous materials are popular for their supple texture, ability to warm up to body temperature and affordable price points. Toys made of silicone are popular for their hypoallergenic properties, durability and longevity, quality construction and ability to be sterilized. Every material has its special traits. It’s important to note that not all silicones are created equal and MOST silicone lubricants are not compatible with some silicone sex toys. As a general rule, we don’t recommend silicone lube to be used with any kind of silicone dildo in order to assure its longevity and quality.

Glass, polished stone, or stainless-steel dildos offer the same hygienic properties of silicone but with a harder, firmer texture (great for play that involves firm pressure, like G-spot or prostate massage) and the added benefit of retaining hot or cold temperatures. Because these materials are not pliable like silicone, it’s important to use lots of lubricant to assure a smooth glide. These materials are compatible with all lubricant types.

Dildos can be phenomenal additions to any sex toy collection and incorporate brand-new sensations and experiences to a person’s sex life, whether solo or partnered! Whether someone chooses one that looks realistic or abstract; or pink, blue or any other color of the rainbow, it’s key to find the shape, size, and material that feels right. There’s so much to choose from, so take the time to experiment and try new styles.

For maximum enjoyment with dildos (dongs) and any other sexy toys, make sure to always use a water-based personal lubricant.

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos

Sex Toys For Penis Owners

sex toys for penis owners

Sex toys made for penises are more popular than ever; over the last decade, there’s been a surge in demand for pleasure products made specifically for penises and now there are countless styles, shapes, and designs to choose from. Whether for use solo or with a partner, these sex toys amplify the experience by incorporating new sensations, high-tech functions, and huge amounts of fun.

Cock Rings / Vibrating Rings

Cock rings come in a wide array of materials, like plastic, silicone, metal, and leather just to name a few. They can be worn at the base of the body around the shaft of the penis or around the shaft and testicles, depending on the desired level of constriction and sensation. The primary purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow to and from the penis, which can intensity the appearance of an erection and, for some, help erections last longer. Some people also report experiencing more powerful orgasms while wearing cock rings. Many cock rings feature a mini vibrator on the top or bottom, which amplify sensations for the wearer and also can pleasure their partner at the same time. Some people wear non-vibrating cock rings underneath clothing while flaccid in order to boost their “bulge” in their pants.

Non-vibrating cock rings

  • Adjustable – Adjustable rings are an ideal choice for beginners because they offer flexibility – in more ways than one. They’re easier to put on (simply stretch wide or tighten using snaps or a lasso-like loop), offer a different levels of constriction, and they can be removed quickly if the sensation becomes too intense. They’re also versatile in that these styles can be worn at the base of the penis or behind the testicles, and there are many styles with more beginner-friendly price points, which makes them ideal for practice.
  • Non-Adjustable – Cock rings made of firm materials that offer little or no flexibility, which means they are typically reserved for more advanced users who have experimented with rings before and are familiar with how to put them on and take them off – especially when the experience gets intense. Non-adjustable rings are usually worn behind the testicles and come in multiple sizes, depending on the desired sensation, and it’s essential to use the correct size to help prevent injury. Most brands offer a size chart and instructions to help people measure themselves correctly and pick the right option. Metal or steel rings are not recommended for beginners.

Penis Pumps

These are devices that employ vacuum and/or suction to draw additional blood flow to the penis, resulting in the appearance of a larger-than-usual erection. Penis Pumps can be used to assist with erectile dysfunction and also can be used to increase sensitivity. Ranging in size, style, and method of suction, penis pumps can be battery-powered for automatic suction or hand-operated via a pump, and some have added functionality like vibration. Using pumps can temporarily enlarge the penis by length and girth. This enlarged effect can be maintained during intercourse by putting on a cock ring prior to pumping and wearing it during play.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside the anus on the anterior wall (towards the belly) of the rectum. Also known as the P-spot, this gland can feel highly pleasurable when stimulated using a finger or a sex toy, though it’s not for everyone. Prostate massage can be an important part of maintaining a healthy prostate too, so for those who enjoy it, using prostate massagers is not only erotic but also good for you! Some people can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone (resulting in the possibility of multiple orgasms), which is a great option for those experiencing erectile
dysfunction or erection loss. Powerful orgasms with no erection required! Prostate massagers can come in many configurations and sizes are subjective to each person’s preference. As with most insertables, smaller is typically better for beginners. Some massagers are shaped to stimulate the prostate by using the body’s natural contractions while others feature vibrating motors for added intensity. Most feature some kind of curve to more easily access the prostate when using the product solo. As with any toy that goes in the butt, non-porous sterilizable materials like silicone are ideal and they MUST have a flared base to prevent it from entering the rectum too far.


Strokers and masturbation sleeves are typically soft, squishy tubes made to pleasure penises by emulating the sensation of being inside of a mouth, anus or vagina. Some have openings that are molded in the shape of a body part while others are nondescript openings, and others are encased in a hard plastic shell that makes them a little easier to hold and, in some cases, are specially shaped for discreet storage. The most common stroker materials are elastomers like TPE or rubbers like TPR, as they are softer and squishier than silicones and more affordable, and they are popular for their supple feel and ability to be molded in a variety of shapes and textures. Some strokers and sleeves come with higher-tech features like vibration or automatic motion while others are simple and single-use disposables. Regardless of the style, strokers and masturbators are meant to be used with copious amounts of lubricant in order to maintain a smooth glide. Some shorter open-ended masturbation sleeves can be used during oral sex to simulate deep-throating or worn around the base of the penis during intercourse as a bumper to reduce the depth of penetration.


Vibrators aren’t just for clitorises! These sex toys can be used to pleasure the glans, shaft, testicles and any external part of the body that feels good! Standard vibrators, though often marketed toward women and people with clitorises, are not actually genital or gender specific. Bullets, eggs, wands, and more are all versatile in their ability to pinpoint pleasure. Whether in combination with a stroker or sleeve, or alone for targeted intensity, vibrators offer an experience like no other. Vibrators are “handy” toys!

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos

All About Vibrating Sex Toys

all about vibrating sex toys

Not all vibrating toys are made the same. There are thousands of vibrators to choose from each one offering something unique for every user. These toys can be made of metal, plastic or silicone just to name a few. Some styles have remotes (both wired and wireless) for easy and convenient use. Some are battery operated while others are rechargeable. Not sure where to start? No problem! Here’s the insider scoop of these vibrating wonders.

Vibration Types

Let’s start with vibration types. There are basically two different kinds of vibration types when it comes to sex toys. There is a high-pitch buzzy vibration, and a low-pitch deep rumbly vibration. And while some people are able to be stimulated by both, some people will find that they have a strong preference for one or the other.

Anal Vibrators

Any vibrator can be used anally as long as it has a flared base (without a base, without a trace!), though there is an entire category of vibrators dedicated solely for anal use. These range from handheld prostate massagers (typically with a curved tip) to anal plugs equipped with a bullet vibrator at the base, and the one thing they have in common is their wide base. It’s generally recommended to opt for premium non-porous materials, like platinum silicone, when choosing an anal vibrator. Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to use silicone lube with silicone toys. Instead, try a thick gel formula water-based lubricant to feel what all the buzz is about.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are intended for clitoral stimulation, either direct or more of a surround-sound sensation. There are many faces to these vibrators: some emulate the sensation of cunnilingus (licking or sucking) while others have textured tips or attachments for a variety of sensations and intensities. There are bullets and egg style vibrators that are small but very mighty. These are perfect for holding against the clitoris during intercourse without getting in the way.

Wand Vibrating Massagers

Designed for those who prefer more power in their vibrators, these large handheld massagers typically have a large bulbous head with a wide surface area, made for external use only. Want to enjoy the intense power internally? The bulbous head can accommodate several different attachments, including smaller curved extensions for anal play or multiple insertion/stimulation points for simultaneous clitoral/vaginal pleasure or even emulate the sensation of double penetration. Choose from plug-in corded options (steady, unfaltering power) or more wieldy cordless rechargeable options (just don’t forget to plug it in between uses!). An added bonus of this powerful massagers is that they can be used for a therapeutic full body massage.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are popular because they can provide firm, steady pressure or vibration against this sensitive spot and give our hands and fingers a rest (and leave them available for other fun stuff). They typically are curved upward (like that “come hither” finger shape) for easier contact and available in a variety of materials, from silicone to firm ABS plastic, depending on the desired sensation. Some people can ejaculate from steady G-spot massage and opt for firmer materials.

P-Spot Vibrators

People with penises have prostates, and prostate vibrators are specially shaped to make access and stimulation easier than relying on fingers. These kinds of vibrators must have a base in order to be safe to use in the anus (without a base, without a trace!) and come in a variety of materials. While some flared bases are smooth, others are textured for additional stimulation against the perineum. Prostate massage isn’t for everyone, and like with G-spot massage, the only way to know is to try it and see. Many people enjoy prostate massage because it intensifies pleasure, and some report increased volume of ejaculate and firmer erections while stimulating their P-spot. As with all toys that go in butts, it’s recommended to invest in a non-porous material that can be sterilized and start small to get used to the sensation – you can always level up when you feel ready!

Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is a dual-stimulation toy, usually featuring a phallic insertable shaft equipped with a clitoral vibrator that can be enjoyed separately or simultaneously. The famous “rabbit” descriptor
comes from the signature bunny-ear-like clitoral ticklers that many original dual-stimulation vibrators featured, but most modern rabbit vibes no longer utilize these bunny-like features. The shaft can feature a variety of functions, from steady vibration to twirling, rotating, thrusting, or even curling upwards against the G-spot. The clitoral stimulator also come with features, including steady vibration or pulsation, suction, or rotation. When used at the same time, users tend to have fast and powerful orgasms with minimal effort, which is why they’re so popular. Dual-stim vibrators come in different shapes and lengths and are one size fits most, so it’s possible it may take a few tries to find the dual-stim massager that fits and feels the best.

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos

Sex Toy Hygiene: Love your Toys And They’ll Love You Back!

sex toy hygiene

For some people there is only one tried-and-true toy in their collection, while others fill their toy box with copious brightly colored, kinky little trinkets. Whether you use one toy or many, it’s important to maintain a clean environment and sanitary practice for your toys. The key to understanding proper toy care is recognizing that each material comes with its own instructional guide.

If you’re prone to infections, it’s best to avoid anal or vaginal penetration with toys made of non-silicone or other porous materials. For instance, TPE or TPR material, thermoplastic elastomer, and thermoplastic rubber respectively, is soft, supple, and porous, which means they cannot be sterilized – this means it’s impossible to completely remove germs that can live in the small pores of these materials.

Non-porous materials like silicone, stainless steel, or borosilicate glass are the best options for anal sex and for those predisposed to UTIs, yeast infections, or other vulvar and vaginal infections.

Kill (most of) the Germs!

Motor-less and non-porous toy materials such as glass, silicone, medical-grade plastics or metals can be boiled in a large pot of water for 3-5 minutes to sterilize. These types of toys should never be submerged in boiling temperatures for longer than 10 minutes at a time. As an added protection, place a washcloth or small towel at the base of the pot to keep your toys from making contact with the pot’s hot metal – especially if your toy is made of glass.

After cleaning, carefully remove your toys from the pot. They will be too hot to touch so cautiously drain the water and let them cool completely before using or storing them.

Porous textured toys like some rubbers, jelly, and elastomers can be damaged by boiling water or high heat, so the most effective way to clean these materials is by spraying and lightly scrubbing with toy cleaner and warm water.

Some spray or foaming antimicrobial toy cleansers can also be used to remove microbes from the surface of the toy, as well, but the cleanser must be completely washed off before use. Remember: Materials like TPE and TPR are only able to be cleansed on the surface and cannot be sterilized, so it is recommended not only to clean them after each use but also replace them frequently. Hey, it’s always fun to shop for new toys.

As a good rule of thumb, no matter what the material, every toy should be patted dry after washing and stored in a cool and dry place when not in use, ideally in a way that gives them space away from other toys. Some materials can change texture or even break down after prolonged contact with an incompatible material (this is common with porous materials, like TPE, TPR and jelly).

If sharing toys with others, external condoms can be used to put a barrier between the toy and each partner’s skin/bodily fluids. Simply apply the condom to the toy before use, remove it when done, and apply a new one before the next person uses it. Dental dams can be used for toys made for external stimulation, like clit vibes.

Keeping your pleasure products clean is a critical part of maintaining the longevity of the toy as well as reducing the risk of infection or skin irritation. Creating a regular clean-up routine -it takes just a couple of minutes- before and after sex will make all the difference!

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos

Your Complete AlgoSexy Guide to Personal Lubricants

Guide to personal lubricants

Personal lubricant is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your sex life. There’s a huge variety of lubricants to choose from, from simple water-based to formulas with flavors and added enhancements, and many are made for specific kinds of play. Understanding the distinctions between these lubricants can be overwhelming, so here’s a breakdown to help you out!

Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based lubricants are the most common kind of lube and a great place to start. Water-based formulas offera smooth glide that’s great for all kinds of play. They’re also easy to clean (off yourself and other surfaces), they don’t stain, and they are compatible with all kinds of condoms and sex toys. These benefits make water-based lube a fan favorite.
Because of their water base, these kinds of lubricants can dry out over time (and with friction) so water-based lubricants do need to be reapplied during play.

Silicone-Based Lubricant

Silicone-based lubricants offer a smooth, silky glide that’s long-lasting because, unlike water-based lubes, silicone does not absorb or evaporate and doesn’t require the same frequency of reapplication – this makes silicone lube popular for anal play and sex around water (like in the shower). It’s also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for lubricant users with sensitive skin or allergies.
Silicone lubricants are latex condom safe but not recommended for use with silicone toys, and some silicone can stain fabrics.

Hybrid Lubricant

Hybrid lubricants are as they sound – part water-based, part silicone-based –and are often touted as offering the best of both worlds. The main attraction to hybrid lubricants is the ability to enjoy the thicker cushiony feel of water-based lubricant and the long-lasting silky glide (and water-friendly traits) of silicone lubricant. Just keep in mind that since hybrid lubricants contain silicone, they are not recommended for use with silicone toys, and there is a chance they can stain fabrics.

Oil-Based Lubricant

Oil based lubricants are popular for massages and can be used for anal play. The most important point to remember about oil-based lubes is that they should never be used with latex condoms or most sex toys, as the oil can deteriorate the latex and other materials. As with other types of oil you may encounter, oil-based lubricants can be more difficult to wash off of skin and sex toys, so be prepared for a little extra cleanup, and it’s recommended to protect your bed sheets and fabric surfaces, as oil-based lube will leave behind stains.

Flavored Lubricant

Flavored lubricants are usually water-based and have the same “easy-to-clean/toy-safe” traits as all other water-based lubricants. Not all flavored lubricants are created equal, however, so it is important to read ingredients to see what’s used to sweeten and change the taste. If you or your partner are prone to vaginal infections or skin irritation, it’s recommended to use flavored lubricants that do not contain sugar-derived ingredients.

Desentizing Lubricant

Desensitizing lubricants are made with ingredients that provide a numbing sensation meant to make anal sex play feel more comfortable. Many of these kinds of lubricants feature a small amount of benzocaine, which numbs the surface of the skin, and are most popular for use during anal penetration – however you choose to use it. However, it’s important to understand potential risks of using desensitizing lubricants. First, our pain receptors exist for a reason – if sex feels painful or uncomfortable, the most effective way to remedy it is to stop. For some, anal sex can feel painful because
of tense muscles and/or not enough lubrication; for others, vaginal sex can be painful because of muscle tension, lack of lubrication, or even some medical conditions. Using a desensitizing lubricant reduces our ability to feel the discomfort or pain and, in turn, risk injury or more intense discomfort once the numbing agent wears off. Please take care and caution when using these products, as they are not a solution for painful, uncomfortable sex.

Sensation-changing Lubricant

Some lubricants are enhanced with ingredients that offer the sensation of temperature changes: some offer a warming sensation via the addition of glycerol, alcohol or cinnamon, while others provide a cool tingly feel thanks to added menthol or peppermint leaf extract. Whatever sensation you’re looking for, it’s recommended to check the label to see the ingredients used. Similar with flavored lubricants, some ingredients can irritate sensitive skin, so we recommend testing it on a less-sensitive part of the body – arm, leg, back of the hand – before using it on more delicate areas.

Happy Pleasure!

Written by Louie A. Ramos

Masturbators Rising!

Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator

In its most basic form, a masturbator is designed to combine fantasy, escape, imagination and the sensation of touch via a soft, pliable sleeve that a penis can be inserted into and stroked with. Most often designed as replicas of vulvas, as well as other orifices, masturbator designs have evolved to feature textured insides that are often artfully designed to be visually and touch exciting.

The gawky replica of a human body part made of dubious materials has long since been superseded by functional, safe and well-designed self-care items that are ergonomic and easy to hold. Some even look like a non-sexual shape futuristic space vessel, and many are designed to be durable, reusable, easy to clean, dry and store discreetly. They are less intimidating and more accessible — a huge benefit for those who have never tried, or are reluctant to use self-pleasure items. Discretion has been a continued advancement. Many strokers today can be hidden in the shower and are made to be mistaken for household items like a shampoo bottle, just in case someone was to come across it in passing.

The stigma surrounding masturbation continues to play a role in how pleasure products are designed and marketed. Sex education is the ultimate tool. One of our major goals here at is to eliminate the shame of masturbation products and sex in general by promoting the message of sex positivity on every product we sell. Although positive attitudes and social acceptance of sexuality and sex toys have been growing, masturbation remains a big taboo topic for many people. As such, trying out sex toys, let alone powered ones, still seems to be a big deal for many.

Most men are more likely to start with a manual stroker and progress to a powered or vibrating option. Manual strokers will get the job done, but automated toys have introduced consumers to innovative, ultra-realistic experiences through Bluetooth connectivity and immersive VR, and have made pleasure more accessible. On the other hand, traditional non-powered strokers are often more affordable and discreet, and their use may come more natural for some.

Manual solo stimulation without a toy is perhaps the most familiar to those with a penis. The hand, of course, has an ability to stimulate in a variety of ways including bilateral friction, long strokes, and squeezing, just to name a few.

In addition to introducing users to new ways to explore solo stimulation, automated masturbators can also be especially useful for those that struggle with manual stimulation, those with disabilities or other physical issues. It is worth noting that sex-tech will have the capacity to make masturbation more comfortable and accessible for people who struggled to do so before. For example, many men suffer from hand limitations relating to arthritis or long-term disability. Kiiroo’s automated products like the Keon can help relieve the pressure of a hand limitation during masturbation by automating the movements for the user.

Technology will accelerate the progression of male masturbation, male wellness, and male sexuality. Considering sexuality is already taboo in society, and some people who identify as men do not currently have a safe space or diverse conversation around sex toys, it is great that we are bringing this subject to the surface. Male sex-tech is about bringing male sex toys out of the closet or basement and into the mainstream. We need to start speaking about male sex toys more! If we continue to discuss the use of male sex toys in sex-positive contexts, then we will be able to learn more about the male body and pleasure. This can only be a good thing.”

Male sex toys have become more mainstream not just through advanced technology but also due to less raunchy marketing. The ‘de-pornification’ of male sex toy brands is helping a lot to facilitate appearances on popular websites. Plus, tt’s not about straight or gay, it’s about satisfaction. Many couples are now using male toys together, whereas before it may have been just be a guy using it by himself.

Satisfyer is aiming to give men different experiences with versatile designs like the Satisfyer Men Wand, which can even be used during fellatio to provide vibration to the shaft of the penis. It can also be used on other parts of the body like the perineal area or scrotum.

In todays day and age, with health and social ills rampant, and the mounting growing stress of daily life, it is a must for a man to be able to safely relief some of that tension with a pleasure accessory that can be realistic or non gender, manual or automated, there are plenty of options and more innovation coming to market every week.