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Glass Toys

The Benefits of Glass Dildos

When you see a glass dildo, you just can’t help but pick it up. Its weighty feel, gleaming clear shape and smooth, cool feel against your skin … they are simply irresistible. Glass dildos can also be made into an array of artistic designs with stimulating nubs, swirls, double-ended styles and more. The benefits of glass dildos are vast — but yet, a lot of people still don’t know that much about them.

The benefits of glass dildos go beyond aesthetic. In addition to looking beautiful, they can also be incredibly functional. Glass dildos can be shaped into the perfect G-spot massager or into different, exciting designs for anal play.

For all of these fun sexual activities, it’s important to play safe — which leads us to one of the most important benefits of glass toys: glass is extremely hygienic. You won’t have to worry about bacteria sneaking into any crevices of a glass toy because it is nonporous. And that’s just the beginning of the many benefits of glass dildos…

When approaching a new sex toy or sexual experience, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into; this guide will point you in the right direction towards intimate satisfaction, as well as give you some additional fun tidbits along the way.

How glass toys were invented

All through history, people have been exploring their sexual pleasure  — and this includes with use of objects (aka sex toys). There are historical accounts that suggest that glass dildos, which were hand-blown and hollow, were filled with warm water and used by Italian nuns in the 17th or 18th century — according to writings by playwrights at the time.

In 1893, a German chemist named Otto Schott invented pyrex glass — which today is widely used to make glass dildos. Similar to the Pyrex glass test tubes used in chemistry experience, Pyrexing borosilicate glass dildos ensures that they remain solid while they’re inside your warm body, and it makes it possible to use them for temperature play.

The safety of glass dildos

A lot of people often question the safety of glass toys, imagining the toy shattering inside of you or hurting you in some way. That misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most glass toys are made from borosilicate glass, which is engineered to resist all kinds of thermal and chemical conditions.

Nevertheless, it is possible for glass to break if you drop it. If you notice any cracks or stresses, immediately stop using that glass dildo. It’s recommended that you not even take any chances with a glass dildo that has been dropped — even if there aren’t any noticeable cracks or damage.

As mentioned above, glass toys will never break while in (proper) use, and they also promote safety in other ways, such as by being hypoallergenic and highly hygienic.

Glass dildos can be cleaned using soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. They are also dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

How to use glass sex dildos

Glass pleasure products are available in a vast array of styles, including designs for internal stimulation, such as vaginal, G-spot or the anus. There are also designs that can be used for external stimulation of the clitoris, the perineum and all over the body.

No matter where your pleasure lies, the fun starts by properly lubricating the dildo — particularly if you’re going to be using it for internal stimulation. Because glass toys are nonporous, they are also compatible with any type of lubricant, so you can experiment with them all until you find one that gives you the experience that you desire.

To start playing with your glass dildo, you might try using the tip of the toy to start off with external stimulation on the clit or the perineum if you have a penis, or start by massaging the outer rim of the anus. Then, if you’re looking to explore the pleasure of internal stimulation, you can insert the toy into your vagina — or into the anus.

For anal play, glass dildos such as those from the Glas collection, have an easy-to-grip handle, and there is also a selection of glass anal toys and plugs with retrieval loops for easy removal. Also when exploring anal play, it is recommended that you use silicone-based lube so that its thick texture adds extra comfort for penetrating the backdoor.

How to experiment with temperature play

Glass dildos can be easily heated using hot water, or cooled by putting them in a fridge or on ice for a while. Temperature play stimulates the skin with the sensation of heat or cold while its smooth and slick texture glides across the skin for a truly unique experience.

There is much fun to be had with glass pleasure products and the benefits of glass dildos truly run the gamut from the way they feel to the touch, to how they’ll make you feel, plus the added benefits of being hygiene and body-safe are the icing on the cake.

Written by Louie A. Ramos

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